Meet me KEMI

KEMI is Iris analysis-based toxin measurement solution It is an innovative service that wisely manages health

My body's miniature monitor, black box and iris

Iris is a tissue around pupil.

It contains hundreds of thousands of nerve endings, capillary and muscular fibers.

Due to the connection of all the organs through brain and nerve systems, the iris responds to the chemical and physical change from organ and tissues in our body through its pattern, shape, loop, wrinkle, presence of creases, change of color and so on

Iridology is a study that enables to analysis not only the physical statement such as a statement of your organ, level of toxin and waste, condition of one’s health and progress of disease, but also mental statement.

It allows for you to check the condition of organ, level of stress and metabolism based on this data and study.

KEMI Service

It is an innovative service that enables to analyze one’s current health condition smart and manage wisely.

Big Data & Deep Learning

3E’s iris analysis technique based on data detects the development of color-changing, disease-related pigmentation, and clinical lesions.

To improve its accuracy and credibility, we are planning to apply big data and deep learning actively.

By launching services in earnest, we would increase the iris analysis data acquisition and Construct toxin measurement big data based on the iris analysis. Moreover, by analyzing one’s toxin big data, we develop a solution that can prevent disease. Ultimately, we are expected to provide an innovative solution to develop the quality of life for all humanity and manage one’s health wisely.

KEMI Ecosystem

KEMI ecosystem provides personalized healthcare solution by toxin analysis based on iris.

KEMI ecosystem is using block-chain technology for a virtuous cycle between service providers and users, personal data management, security of transaction, and transparency in healthcare ecosystem.

To grow up smart healthcare market, it is important to strongly manage personal healthdata and transparent transaction